Dean Dijour
Student Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Leader


What I Study:

Information Systems

Interaction Design

Game Design


 Live from the Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, PA ( The Dark Knight Rises  was filmed here!)

Live from the Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, PA (The Dark Knight Rises was filmed here!)


Dean Dijour

Bio: Dean Dijour is an undergraduate entrepreneur, investor, and leader. Most notably, Dean pitched his company, Collarator, to judges on the new show "America's Greatest Makers", after working for months with Intel and UC Berkeley to create the CollaRadar, a device which not only tracks pets, but also stops them from running away. 

Dean is a New Jersey certified Emergency Medical Technician and a former volunteer at the Morganville Volunteer First Aid Squad. Dean is on the board of Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association, planning events for startups in the Pittsburgh community, is the Head of the Innovation Expo for TEDxCMU, and is an associate portfolio manager at the Tartan Student Fund's Financial Industries Group. Seeing other makers’ creations inspires Dean. For him, observing others improving the world with ideas drives him to push his own ideas. 

Dean studies interaction design, computer science, and entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon's School of Information Systems, and will graduate in Spring of 2020.