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SwapDrop: Responsive Peer Economy for Item Exchange

Responsive Web Design:
To reduce development efforts and optimize the user experience across multiple devices, designers create a single design that adapts to the user’s device. This is known as responsive web design (RWD), where a single code base is adapted to display optimally on devices with varying physical sizes, resolution, and capabilities.

Peer Economy:
A peer economy (or sharing economy) is a decentralized business model whereby two individuals interact to buy or sell goods and services directly with each other, without intermediation by a third-party. In recent years this model has achieved a competitive advantage around the world and is growing rapidly. It has challenged the economic models of our societies and destabilized traditional businesses.

Research I: Stakeholder Interviews

Research I: Stakeholder Interviews

After speaking with my Professor, Skip, about his experiences building a different mobile application for furniture movers, it was clear that there are copious issues with furniture purchasing and delivery, particularly with coordinating between all three parties - the Buyer, Seller, and Mover. Buyers and Sellers can say they'll be available for delivery/pickup when the Movers give them a relative window for when services will be rendered, leaving many Buyers and Sellers to leave their homes for personal errands. Many times, Movers are stuck outside of homes, unable to deliver or pickup furniture.

Meeting with international masters students at Carnegie Mellon University yielded further insights on furniture rental challenges, such as getting a good sense for the quality and condition of a piece of furniture without having to first meet the seller. Conversely, difficulties with taking high quality product photos  challenged sellers on many existing peer to peer exchanges. Clearly, several highly specific issues existed in this space, and now more research on solutions to those issues could ensue.

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